Our Online Shops

K9 Harvested Truffles Creations designs are currently featured on both Zazzle and Printify Pop Up Shop.

All our stickers are in inventory and can be ordered directly from our main company site, Wag'N O2 Fur Life.

Different venues have different merch options.

If you dig a design but don't see a merch option currently available for it OR you want to get the design personalized, please take a look at 'Our Designs' to see the range of options.

The Personalization Form at the bottom of that page will get you started.

All personalization requests get uploaded directly to the item(s) of your choice on either site. We do not print or sell directly to consumers.

** Personalization Guidelines: Our logo, includes the Default Floof and cannot be personalized under any circumstances. Other designs featuring our Default Floof must be explicitly marked as "Editable Floof" in the product description for customization options to apply. If not specified, Floof personalization is not available. "Sans Floof" Designs can be personalized in terms of color edits to either text and/or background. For a design to be customizable it needs to be marked as such. Detailed instructions on which parts of the design can be edited will be provided in the product description as well as on "Our Designs" page.


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