Welcome to our Designs page. Here you'll find everything you need to know about personalizing our creations to suit your preferences. Whether you've spotted a design on our Zazzle or Printify pop-up shop and want to know if it's customizable on another type of merchandise, or you're curious about changing backgrounds or other design elements, this is the place to be. We've outlined our personalization guidelines and categorized designs based on their customization options. Explore our selection and use the handy Personalization Form at the bottom of the page to let us know your preferences. It's that easy!


Personalization Guidelines

Our logo, includes the Default Floof and cannot be personalized under any circumstances. Other designs featuring our Default Floof must be explicitly marked as "Editable Floof" in the product description for customization options to apply. If not specified, Floof personalization is not available.

"Sans Floof" Designs can be personalized in terms of color edits to either text and/or background. For a design to be customizable it needs to be marked as such. Detailed instructions on which parts of the design can be edited will be provided in the product description as well as here below. If you find a discrepancy, this page supersedes the store's page.

Any Color modification to Outline Floof will apply to what is now shown as the black outline

Any Color modification to Silhouette Floofs (single or teams) will fill the Floof/Handler. Details will remain white

Every Floof Style can be part of a Team

To Floof or Not To Floof

A Floof is Dog Breed Design Style created to encompass multiple breeds given their general Floofiness levels.

Floofs come as either Outlines or Silhouettes

Designs With Editable Floofs


* Truffle Butt - Pick a Floof. Edit Text/Floof Color. Background is Transparent so it can be applied to any color item. 1 Color Max

* Truffle Butts - Pick a Floof. Edit Text/Floof Color. Background is Transparent so it can be applied to any color item. 1 Color Max

* Truffle O'Clock - Pick Background Color - Black OR White. Pick the Floof for the Team (same color as background)

* The K9 Nose Knows Collection - Edit Floof Team Style ONLY. NO color edits.

* Born 2 Dig - Text Color = Floof Color . We can print 2 K9s OR a Floof Team. 1 Color Max.

* Drink Up It's Snerf O'Clock - Pick a Floof. 1 Text/Floof Color. 1 Color Max

* Stand Back I'm looking for Truffles - Pick 'I'm' (1 Floof) OR 'We're' (Team). Select Floof Style.

Pick Background Color + Main Text Color + Floof Color (same as 'Truffles' text). 3 Colors Max

* Dogs > Rakes - Pick a Floof. Text Color. 1 Color Max

* Tuber Oregonense Snerf Pawtrol - Pick a Floof. Text Color. 1 Color Max

Sticker - Truffles are calling so we must go. Pick a Silhouette Floof. No color changes.

Sticker - My Dog Digs The Pacific Northwest. Pick a Silhouette Floof. No color changes.

Sticker - I'd Rather Be Out There Digging With My Dog - The Nose Knows. Pick a Silhouette Floof. No color changes.

To get started on your personalization and/or to let us know what product you wish to see the customized design on, please use the Personalization Form at the bottom of this page to get started.

Editable Stickers

At this time, Stickers are ONLY available at PetOxygenMasks.org/K9HTC. Please order and request personalization on that site.

Customizable Sans 'Floof' Designs

Next Up...From Left to Right

K9 Harvested Word Cloud Collection (non editable)

Kiss me, I'm a Truffle K9. Our fun St Patrick's Day design (non editable)

Truffle Hunter's Companion Collection (non editable)

Unleashed Truffle Tales (non editable)

K9HTC PNW PAWTROL (non editable)

Tuber Topper Crown Your Truffle (non editable)

This collection is specifically designed for K9 Harvesting Truffle Teams pawtrolling PNW forests.

2 Members in this Team:

Sheriff (K9) + Deputy Sheriff (Handler)

Deputy Sheriff main responsibilities involve supporting & rewarding our truffle hunting K9 Sheriff.

The K9 Sheriff's main responsibility remain the essential snerfing, locating & digging.

Your Pawtrol Beat: Truffle County - ranging from northern CA to British Columbia.

Disclaimer: Truffle County is a fictitious name, not a real place.

This badge is for fun. It does not convey any rights to anyone, at any time or anywhere.

This Collection CANNOT be edited in any way. Deputy Sheriff Merchandise is made available on shirts, sweaters and hoodies, mugs, aprons, towels & socks. Sheriff merchandise is limited to dog bandanas at this time.

Are You Ready to Personalize Your Favorite Designs?


Forest Truffle Pawtrol Collection

The essence of the bond between handler and K9 in a truffle team can be represented in many art forms.

Let's dig into that.

My Dog Snerfs Wild Truffles Collection - Pick Text Color + Background Color. 2 Colors Max

If you wish to see any of these designs on available merchandise on one of our stores, please use the Personalization Form here below to get this process started.

Please order or request Sticker personalization ONLY at PetOxygenMasks.org/K9HTC