Frequently Asked Questions

What format do you provide your art in?

We do not provide our art directly to consumers. Our art is directly uploaded to the platform of your choosing on the product you have requested. If you request a digital product please let us know the specs you need. It will be uploaded as the requirements and constraints of the platform you choose. At this time we only upload to Zazzle and Printify.

Default Stickers are generally in stock. Personalization request have a minimum order quantity of 10 units and a design fee. We upload straight to our supplier's website for shipping. This process may take up to 2 weeks from payment to shipping.

Why do you require the specific product link from Zazzle or Printify?

Every website's products have different specification requirements, particularly in terms of artwork upload size. Additionally, each platform works with different vendors, offering various color options and turnaround times. To ensure that we create the best piece for you, tailored to your preferences and the specific product you're interested in, we need the details of the product you wish to customize. Providing us with the product link allows us to accurately design the artwork to fit the product's dimensions and meet your expectations. Thank you for your cooperation in helping us deliver a personalized and high-quality product.

Why can't I buy your art directly from your website?

We specialize in creating personalized artwork for various products available on platforms like Zazzle or Printify. To ensure that your artwork fits perfectly on the product of your choice, we require you to provide us with the specific product link, including any color or size specifications you desire. Once we receive the link, we'll customize the artwork to fit the product's dimensions and requirements. We'll then provide you with the final price for approval before uploading the artwork to the platform. You can then purchase the customized product directly from the provided link. This process ensures that you get exactly what you want in terms of both artwork and product specifications. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. You can buy the stickers directly from the company this project fundraises for, namely Wag'N O2 Fur Life, The pet oxygen masks initiative.

Why don't you have all your designs pre-uploaded on Zazzle or Printify?

Most if not all of our Default Design Styles have been applied to at least one product on each platform. The range of variables available for customization on platforms like Zazzle and Printify is vast. Printify has over 850 products ready for customization. Zazzle has thousands. With numerous products, designs, color options, and additional customization requests like "floofs," it's impractical to pre-upload everything. Instead, we offer a basic selection of designs as a starting point. If you desire customization, we're more than happy to accommodate your specific requests. Simply provide us with the details of the product you're interested in, and we'll work with you to create a personalized design tailored to your preferences. This approach allows us to provide a wide range of options while ensuring that each design meets your individual needs.

Why do you offer customization options?

We hope you love our default designs. No. Really. We do. Our default Floof is based on Skylar, our chocolate lab. We do however understand that a proud Lagotto or Pomeranian handler would rather wear a design that more accurately represents them and that very social bond they have with their very special Truffle hunting K9. We want to ensure that our designs accurately reflect your special connection, so you don't have to settle for a generic representation. So, if you dig generic, we'll dig with you. If you're looking for the more elusive 'truffled' design, we are happy to accommodate.